Upgrade your existing TPRM program and cut your assessment costs by up to 60 percent

Mirato streamlines your entire operation’s data (program and tools) into one smart platform.

Using natural language processing and advanced artificial intelligence, the Mirato engine consumes an organization’s questionnaires, supporting evidence, and data sources. It completes your assessments for you and validates and documents your controls in the process.

Become a knowledgeable TPRM leader without drowning in paperwork.

Before Mirato

Analysts and SMEs spend countless hours scouring different platforms and knowledge sources.

Become a knowledgeable TPRM leader without drowning in paperwork.

With Mirato

Mirato scours various platforms 24/7, providing a full view of risks across domains and sources, highlighting pertinent information. 

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Welcome to the TPRM intelligence Platform

SMEs can now leverage advanced technologies to apply a greater level of intelligence to their TPRM programs, including cognitive computing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to augment TPRM processes and power performance alongside human thought processes and traditional analytics.

Traditional TPRM solutions automate workflows

Mirato automates the remaining manual work.


All elements from various domains and data sources are funneled into one manageable orchestrated platform with clear risk tiering, trends overview, and unified scoring.

Risk Visibility 24\7\365

The automated system will keep assessing for threats continuously and will alert you in real time when any important event is happening, to empower impactful, strategic, and tactful decision-making.


Varied domain expertise built into the system to assess third parties, concentration risk, and fourth parties both directly (questionnaires) and indirectly(through a multitude of surface and deep-web data sources)

Fast Assessment

A shorter duration assessment based on quality data saves time and money. (Mirato can cut assessment costs to an estimated third of current expense.)

Through automated smart processes, we flush out risk, save subject matter experts a considerable amount of work and allow them to make the most of their time and intellect.

Your TPRM program... 

Only better equipped to deal with current and internal and external future challenges Increases accuracy, process integrity and visibility

Works with your existing platforms, data sources 
Tailored to your risk program, methodology
Provides true ongoing monitoring, all risk domains
Improves effectiveness of any TPRM program
Offers real concentration risk visibility at the press of a button

Machine Insights, Human Decisions

Single glass pane with multiple views / multiple functions

All and any risk domain

Fourth party risk assessment

Fully immersible to customer’s existing TPRM program

NLP – let the machines do the work (standardized, fast, consistent)

Concentration risk addressed

Reduced cost per assessment

Fast onboarding

Continuous monitoring

Notification and alerts

Let’s work together to secure your bank

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