Elevate your existing TPRM program

Mirato’s TPRM intelligence platform leverages AI, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to collect, analyze and correlate the data from questionnaires, evidence documents, and external sources. It validates your controls for you, enabling your organization to achieve:

Up to 60% reduction in assessment costs and time.
Real-time, 24/7 monitoring across all structured and unstructured sources and risk domains.
Concentration risk visibility at the press of a button.

Explore some of our features:

AI-Driven Insights

Mirato understands and correlates structured and unstructured data using a highly innovative approach based on methodologies used by intelligence agencies. The Mirato engine reads and interprets the meaning within your questionnaires, documents and data feeds  to cross-validate and augment every data point and generate contextual insights.

Mirato’s unique ability enables you to  unearth issues that otherwise would remain hidden. This allows you to truly leverage the value of multiple data sources and identify risk within your third-parties, ranging from insufficient controls to fourth parties, locations, online asset information, and more.

Risk Board

Get an overview of your third-party state of risk. Easily see how vendors and relationships affect your risk. View trends across time, risk domains or business units, or even all of them together. Zoom in on each specific third party to instantly get all the bottom-line information you need to decide your next steps.

Concentration Risk Hunter

Fully understanding all the cascading effects of a negative incident is extremely difficult. Mirato’s Risk Hunter automatically creates a map that clearly displays how a single point of failure impacts your organization, including the third and fourth parties affected, which engagements and business units are involved, even the relationship manager that  own the relationship. Our powerful analytics engine can correlate and understand multiple types of concentration points such as 4th parties, people, locations, open-source packages, vulnerabilities and many more.

Mitigation planning

Plan towards effective mitigation of potential risks in one complete, easy-to-use solution rather than working simultaneously on different platforms(such as enterprise management systems, TPRM workflows, and the plethora of data sources involved in the process.)

The mitigation planning tool features an intuitive UI and can be used in multiple ways depending on an organization’s specific needs. These include data reviews, which can happen in parallel with multiple SMEs reviewing their specific risk domain, for example, physical security and cybersecurity.

view Mirato mitigation plans on-screen, and instantly convert them into your company branded and formatted PowerPoint for easier and more effective communication.

Mitigation planning turns big data into a clear action plan.

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